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Package lighter than 0.2kg

We provide a very cheap untraceable non-refundable cheap air shipping service for mini packages, the delivery time is about 15 days. NOTE when you choose this shipping method, we agree to take the risk of not getting your packages, if your packages get lost, you won't get refunded from us.

The whole delivery process contains two parts: 1) From us to your local post office, the chance of getting lost at this part is very low. 2) From your local post office to you, the chance of getting lost at this part is relatively high. If you reckon your local post office is reliable, then you can choose this shipping method.

Package lighter than 2kg

You can choose to ship your package which is lighter than 2kg by UPS, DHL and other international shipping services. The delivery time is about 15 days. If you need your package fast, you can choose fast shipping services, the delivery time for fast shipping service is about 6 days.

Package weighter than 2kg

Two options:

  1. By air. The delivery time is about 15 days.
  2. By sea. The delivery time is about 30 days.

You will be able to track your package no mater which shipping service you choose, a tracking link will be send to you via email after you place an order on 4thshop.com.



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