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3M Car-use double-sided high-performance adhesive clear tape

$7.20 No tax
Adhesive Tap Size
  • 5mm*0.8mm*3m
  • 6mm*0.8mm*3m
  • 7mm*0.8mm*3m
  • 8mm*0.8mm*3m
  • 10mm*0.8mm*3m
  • 15mm*0.8mm*3m
  • 20mm*0.8mm*3m
  • 30mm*0.8mm*3m
  • 40mm*0.8mm*3m
  • 50mm*0.8mm*3m
  • 60mm*0.8mm*3m
In stock
Availability date: 2019-10-07
This high-performance,double-sided adhesive tape combined with very high shear and holding power on high and low energy surfaces and also a good plasticizer resistance. The tape is covered with an easily detachable protective paper and can be used to stick car accessories.
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