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Kid Disney Disposable Face Mask Breathable Mickey Mouse Disposable Mask 10PCS

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  • Mickey(4-Layer)
  • Minnie(4-Layer)
  • Pink Aisha Princess(4-Layer)
  • Blue Aisha Princess(4-Layer)
  • Mickey(3 Layer)
  • Minnie(3 Layer)
  • S
  • M
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Disney disposable face mask 10pcs/bag features Disney characters prints such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, etc. Mickey mouse disposable mask is suitable for 0-10Y kids. Disney disposable face mask has 3-layer and 4-layer filters for you to choose from, Mickey mouse disposable mask is thin and breathable, anti-bacterial dust, safety and health. Disney disposable face mask has a 95% filtering effect, preventing pollen, virus, mold particles, PM2.5/smoke particles, asbestos, and heavy metal particles. Mickey mouse disposable mask is with an individual package of each cute face mask, clean and easy to put on the pocket.

  • Material: Non-woven melt-blown cloth
  • Size: S/M/L
  • S: 0-3 years old
  • M: 3-10 years old
  • L: Above 10 years old kids/adults
  • Age: 0-10Y kids/adults
  • Layer: 3-layer/4-layer
  • Filtration Efficiency: ≥95%
  • Quantity: 10pcs/pack
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Our Disney disposable face mask is specially designed for kids who love Disney series characters very much. Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, etc are boys' and girls' best friends. They accompany kids the whole childhood.

Mickey mouse disposable mask gives you 2 choices about layers. 3-layer Disney disposable face mask for M or L size choice and 4-layer Disney disposable face mask for S or M size choice. S size is for 0-3 years old kids, M size is for 3-10 years old kids, L size is for more than 10 years old kids and adults. Yes L size also can be worn by adults, which means if you want to wear the same Mickey mouse disposable mask with your baby kid, you can choose L size for yourself and M size for your 3-10 years old daughter or son.

Every girl has a dream of being a princess, our Disney disposable face mask has a face mask choice-Aisha Princess, Aisha Princess disposable face mask features 4-layer with 2 colors to choose from-pink or blue.

Our Mickey mouse disposable mask also considers the protection, so we adopt the BEST quality non-woven fabrics and melt-blown cloth to give your baby the BEST protection, and the bacteria filtration efficiency is more than 95%. Our Disney disposable face mask is so cute and lovely, your baby will love to wear our Mickey mouse disposable mask.

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This disposable face mask for kids and children is very well. My little boy likes it so much, he is very willing to wear a face mask because of the cute Disney cartoon printings. I will be back to order some if he likes it.
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