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Mascarillas para adultos
Mascarillas para Niños

Mascarillas reutilizables para niños Mascarilla transpirable 4 capas Grado médico

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Availability date: 2021-10-14

Mascarillas reutilizables para niños Mascarilla transpirable Grado médico. 4 capas de protección, 2 capas de nuevos materiales que contienen óxido de cobre, 2 capas de tela fundida por soplado electrostática. Con iones activos de metal CU2+, que inactivan virus y bacterias de manera efectiva, esta mascarilla facial se puede usar varias veces.

  • Material: tela no tejida fundida por soplado, tela de PP de metal CU2+
  • Nivel de protección: Grado médico
  • Capa: 4 capas
  • Tamaño: 3,7*4,1 pulgadas/9,5*10,5 cm
  • Reutilizable: SÍ
  • Eficiencia de filtración: ≥95 %
  • Para: Niños
  • Cantidad: 10 piezas/caja
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Reusable and breathable kids masks contain copper oxide material, effectively eliminating viruses and bacteria. It can be reused many times, and the surface is attached with CU2+ metal active ions, giving your kid the best protection.

4 layers of protection, 2 layers of new material containing copper oxide, and 2 layers of electrostatic melt-blown cloth material. Do not give germs and viruses any chance of coming into contact with children. Melt-blown cloth is a key material that determines the filtering effect of masks.

We choose a 25g electrostatic melt-blown cloth that is higher than the industry standard and pursue the ultimate perfect mask. As the main material of masks, copper oxide-containing non-woven fabrics are mainly sterilized by active metal ions of CU2+. Extinguishing germs are specific to many common pathogens and can be reused many times.

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