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Maschera per adulti KN95 Maschera alla moda KN95 a 4 strati 10 pezzi in vendita

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  • Bianco
  • Blu
Availability date: 2021-10-14

Tecnologia del fotocatalizzatore, efficace antibatterico. Quattro livelli di filtraggio, protezione multipla. Comodo e traspirante, rimuove l'odore. Aspetto farfalla, alla moda ed elegante. Design 3D, ampio spazio, nessuna preoccupazione per il trucco. Uso ripetuto, funzione di aggiornamento per 7 giorni.

  • Materiale: tessuto non tessuto, tessuto soffiato a fusione fotocatalizzatore
  • Livello di protezione: KN95
  • Tipo: non medico
  • Dimensioni: 8,2*3,3 pollici/20,8*8,3 cm
  • Strato: 4 strati
  • Efficienza di filtrazione: ≥99,9%
  • Per: Adulti
  • Pacchetto: pacchetto individuale
  • Quantità: 10 pezzi/scatola
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Protection, antibacterial, purification. Non-woven, waterproof and anti-foaming. Photocatalyst melt-blown cloth, 99% anti-virus, 99.9% filter particles and bacteria. Clean breath, secondhand smoke. The skin-friendly non-woven fabric absorbs water and filters moisture.

After the photocatalyst is catalyzed, it continuously generates active oxygen, and inactivates bacteria and viruses 24 hours a day, realizing "self-cleaning" and giving sufficient antibacterial protection. Wear it for 7 days without a peculiar smell, the photocatalyst automatically purifies and refreshes the air in the mask.

Individually packaged, hygienic and portable. Each tablet is individually packaged to avoid bacterial infection and is hygienic and safe. Adjustable nose bridge to fit your face without fogging your glasses. Widened and flat ear straps, no burden on the ears. Butterfly fold design. The sides are superimposed to ensure that the inner layer is not contaminated.

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