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Maschere di buona qualità Maschere mediche per adulti Cinghie regolabili Naselli in silicone

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Availability date: 2021-10-14

Maschere facciali di buona qualità Maschere mediche per adulti con Cinghie regolabili e naselli in silicone, clip nasale in silicone 3D, cinturini auricolari morbidi. Aggiungi una pellicola antiappannamento in PP, gli occhiali non si appannano.

  • Materiale: tessuto Spunlace, tessuto soffiato a fusione, tessuto non tessuto
  • Dimensioni: 9,4*5,5 pollici/24 cm*14 cm
  • Livello di protezione: medico
  • Strato: 3 strati
  • Sterilizzazione: SI
  • Efficienza di filtrazione: ≥95%
  • Per: adulto
  • Pacchetto: pacchetto individuale
  • Quantità: 30 pezzi/scatola
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Ethylene oxide sterilized medical-surgical masks for medical personnel.

Medical grade material, skin is not allergic. S-level protection, blocking bacteria, the filtration rate reaches 99.18%.

3D-designed silicone nose clip, more comfortable to wear. The mask is cut in 5D, and the face shape is better. Add anti-fog film, glasses will not fog.

Ear straps are equipped with a removable adjustment buckle, which can adjust the length of the ear strap by yourself.

Certified by a professional testing agency, the quality is guaranteed and you can use it with confidence.

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Perfect fit cover a larger area than most masks.
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