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Mascherina per il viso di qualità per bambini Doraemon Maschera per il viso più traspirante 20 pezzi

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Le coperture per il viso di qualità per bambini presentano la stampa Doraemon, ai bambini piace indossare maschere per il viso a causa del loro aspetto carino. La maschera facciale più traspirante è confortevole e con una sensazione morbida al tatto. Il panno soffiato a fusione è con il 99% di tessuto soffiato a fusione di grado di efficienza di filtrazione batterica di alto livello. Filtra minuscole particelle come batteri. I rivestimenti per il viso di qualità per bambini utilizzano lo speciale tessuto non tessuto, uno speciale tessuto simile a una nuvola, morbido, delicato sulla pelle e traspirante.

  • Materiale: tessuto non tessuto soffiato a fusione
  • Dimensioni: 5,7 * 3,7 pollici / 14,5 cm * 9,5 cm
  • Tipo: Medico
  • Strato: 3 strati
  • Sterilizzazione: SI
  • Efficienza di filtrazione: ≥99%
  • Per: Bambini (3-12 anni)
  • Quantità:20 pezzi/confezione
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Our kid quality face coverings are with 3 layers of protection, with multiple layers of filtration to block droplets, particles such as bacteria, etc. Soft and breathable, you can breathe freely with our most breathable facemask, and won't fog up when wearing glasses in winter. Elastic ear bands, soft-touch feeling on your ears. kid quality face coverings are with 3.55mm elastic ear ropes, do not affect the protective effect. Shapeable nose strip. Built-in hidden cartilage nose bridge for more comprehensive protection.

The outer layer is fiber spun-lace cloth, with a beautiful pattern and softer material, blocking large particles such as droplets. The middle layer is medical melt-blown cloth. With 99% high-level bacteria filtration efficiency grade melt-blown cloth. Filters tiny particles like bacteria. The inner layer is a special non-woven fabric, a special cloud-like fabric, soft, skin-friendly, and breathable. Self-sealing packaging to prevent secondary pollution.

After taking off a one-piece mask, seal it by itself to prevent dust and viruses from entering, and it is more hygienic to use. The outer package is made of food-grade PET and printed with environmentally friendly pigments. The inner layer has a special cloud-like soft and skin-friendly non-woven fabric, keeping your makeup well and not easy to fog. Epoxy sterilization, keep your makeup well, soft, and breathable with elastic ear bands. After professional ethylene oxide sterilization, high-quality real most breathable facemask.

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