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Maschere per il viso comode per le donne Maschere per il viso morbide 3d Traspiranti 10 pezzi

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  • Apricot

Maschera 3D usa e getta per una respirazione più fluida. Si adatta meglio al viso senza alterare il trucco. Tre strati di protezione, filtrano efficacemente il 99% dei batteri, prevengono inquinanti nocivi come goccioline, polline, batteri, ecc. Cinturini morbidi per le orecchie, non danneggiano le orecchie. Confezionati singolarmente, puliti e convenienti.

  • Materiale: tessuto non tessuto soffiato a fusione
  • Dimensioni: 4*5,6 pollici/10,2*14,2 cm
  • Tipo: non medico
  • Strato: 3 strati
  • Efficienza di filtrazione: ≥99%
  • Resistenza respiratoria: ≤67Pa
  • Per: Adulti
  • Pacchetto: pacchetto individuale
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Disposable 3D mask for smooth breathing. Dome shape, drape cut, suitable for sensitive skin. When you wear this mask, there is enough space in the mouth, nose and inside of the mask to promote the rapid circulation of air in the mask. Reduce water vapor and avoid discomfort caused by the close contact of the mask.

It can completely protect your makeup and has no burden on the recovery of acne. 3 layers of material safety protection, effectively filter pollutants, block droplets, pollen, bacteria, etc., to meet your daily needs.

Soft, comfortable and skin-friendly, it is made of light and breathable microfiber non-woven fabric with a density of about one-twentieth of silk. It is smooth to the touch, soft and skin-friendly, suitable for sensitive skin. Composed of 100% fiber, it has the characteristics of porosity and a good ventilation effect. Suitable for all seasons.

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My makeup is fine. Super big space.
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