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KN95 Mask for Kids in School FDA Approved Kids KN95 Masks 10 Pack

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  • S 1-4
  • M 4-8
  • L 8-14
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KN95 Mask for Kids is still a critical public health tool for preventing the spread of Delta, Omicron, or another new coronavirus variant in 2022. Well-fitting FDA-approved kids KN95 masks will offer the highest protection for kids. Our Kids KN95 masks are the best Covid Mask for kids at school. It comes in 3 sizes to fit kids aged 1-4, 4-8, 8-14 to guarantee a secure and proper fitting.

It is very important to find a mask that is well-fitting and protective for your kids. Our KN95 Masks for Kids in School meet CN standard GB 2626-2019 KN95 that can filter 95%+ tiny particles in the air when approved by FDA and well fit can be achieved. Crafted from 5 layers of filtration(including two premium quality melt-blown filters, a hot air cotton filter, a non-woven skin-friendly inner lining, and a high-quality non-woven fabric), adjustable nose bridge(M size does not include nose wire), elastic ear loops, our FDA Approved kids KN95 masks are protective, comfortable and snug fit.

Each pediatric KN95 Mask for Kids in school is individually wrapped, you can stash a stack of these in kid's backpacks, or cars, by the back door to be able to grab them on the go.

Kids KN95 masks with cute and fun cartoon patterns design, your kids are going to love to wear these adorable FDA Approved kids KN95 masks.

These well-fitting FDA-approved kids KN95 masks can offer your kids the highest level of protection at school or in public that are a top choice for parents.

  • Product: KN95 Mask for Kids in School
  • Material: 44% Non-woven fabric, 28% melt blown fabric, 28% filter cotton.
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: BFE≥95%
  • Executive Standard: GB 2626-2019 KN95
  • FDA Approved: The KN95 masks for kids in school are manufactured in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered facility. FDA Registered #3017178492; Tested by NTEK Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Size: S 8 x 10cm to fit kids age 1-4, M 9 x 12 cm to fit kids age 4-8, L 98 x 14 cm to fit kids age 8-14
  • Package:10 pieces per box. Each kids KN95 mask is individually wrapped and sealed, easy to carry, and clean to use.
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GB2626-2019 Standard KN95 Face Mask for Kids in School

At least 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil.


Put The Mask On Mouth And Nose To Prevent Dust And Germs From Inhaling.

  • Classic Style
  • For Age 1-4, 4-8, 8-14 Children
  • 10 PCS Per Box
  • 5 Layers Filters
  • BFE≥95%
  • Grade: A
  • Exp: 3 Years
  • Date of Manufacture: Stamped On Packaging Box
  • Please Store In a Dry, Well-ventilated, Sanitary, And Indoor Area

Warning: Patients With Dyspnea Or Congenital Heart Disease Should Use It Carefully. This Product Can Not Be Used As Gas Mask In Toxic Environment.

How to Wear Your Kids KN95 Masks Correctly:

1. If possible, wash or sanitize your hands immediately before and after putting your mask on and immediately before and after taking it off when planning to reuse it.

2. Place the Kids KN95 mask over your face, with the bottom below your chin and the nosepiece up. The Kids KN95 Mask should completely cover your mouth and nose.

3. Place the straps over each of your ears.

4. Adjust the nose clip using fingers from both hands to mold the metal to the shape of your nose, and make the mask fit snugly against the sides of your face without any gaps.

5. Adjust fit as necessary to reduce airflow around the mask. All parts of the mask should be flat against your face with no gaps. You shouldn't feel air leaking out as you breathe.

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Kids KN95 Masks
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